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About us


It has passed more than 50 years since the establishment of Daiwa Steel Ball Co., Ltd., which started with the sales of steel balls and increased the number of handling products to include bearings, bearing-related products, and environment-related products in response to the demand of the times. Daiwa Steel Ball Co., Ltd. is striving for being a better trading company that can respond to every customer’s request as much as possible. From a fundamental perspective, we will keep on making all-out efforts to be a trading company making it a motto to respect all customers, attaching importance to every product to be handled, and delivering more affordable products more speedily in order to gain a good reputation from every customer saying, “It was a good choice to place orders with Daiwa.”

Ryosuke Sugihara

Company Profile

Trade name
Daiwa Steel Ball Co., Ltd.
3-1-21 Katsuyama, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-city, Japan
Business location
195-6 Shichido-higashimachi, Sakai-ku, Sakai-city, Osaka, Japan
Telephone number
FAX. Number
Ryosuke Sugihara, CEO
10 million yen
Number of employees
16 members
Banking relationship
Sakai Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Sakai Branch, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ


March 1953
Sugihara Kokyu Shokai, a private concern, come into operation as the predecessor and started the domestic sales of steel balls.
March 1965
Sugihara Kokyu Shokai was reorganized to be Daiwa Steel Ball Co., Ltd. Yoshio Sugihara assumed the post of President. Signed a dealer agreement with Tsubakimoto Precision Products Co., Ltd. (currently Tsubaki Nakashima Co., Ltd.).
May 1981
Started the sales of bearings.
September 1983
Established a business office in Shichido-higashimachi, Sakai-city, Osaka, Japan, to which business operations were transferred.
March 1984
Started exports to Southeast Asia.
March 1985
Yoshikazu Sugihara assumed the post of President.
November 1990
Newly constructed the Daiwa Building in the location of the headquarters.
April 1992
Started the sales of needle bearings.
October 1995
Started importing Chinese-made bearings (HCH) from China.
April 1996
Started exports to Europe and South Africa.
May 1997
Newly constructed an office building in the business location.
November 1997
Started importing Korean-made bearings (KBC, currently the Schaeffler Group).
May 1999
Started FBJ-brand products (previous FKC-brand products).
January 2003
Signed a dealer agreement with INA Bearing Co., Ltd. (currently the Schaeffler Group).
January 2005
Signed a dealer agreement with FAG Japan Co., Ltd. (currently the Schaeffler Group).
September 2009
Started dealing in environment-related equipment. Started dealing in overseas-made motors and transformers.
March 2011
Ryosuke Sugihara assumed the post of President.